Tips To Tame Tension Headaches

If you work long hours that often result in tension headaches that cause you moderate to extreme discomfort, the following tips will assist with reducing pain so that you can go about your daily routine and rest comfortably without being distracted. 

Tranquil Setting

Hang dark-colored drapes over the windows in your bedroom. Purchase a new comforter and pillow set that is made from cushioned fabric. Place a fan that does not make much noise near the top side of your bed or install a window air conditioning unit in the room.

Headaches can be aggravated by loud noises and uncomfortable temperatures, so having a tranquil and cool setting to rest in when you feel a headache coming on will be helpful. Before laying down, turn off alarm clocks, televisions, phones, or any other devices that are noisy and could disrupt you while resting.

Cool Compress And Eye Mask

If you are unable to lay down or if lying down is not eliminating your headache altogether, a cool compress and gel eye mask can be helpful. These two items can also be used while you are on break at work. Dampen a cotton cloth with cold water and put a gel eye mask over your eyes. Fold the cloth in half and place it on the part of your head that is causing you discomfort.

The coolness of the compress will restrict blood vessels and reduce pressure in the forehead region, resulting in a reduction in pain. The gel in the eye mask will soothe facial skin around your eyes and further reduce pain. 

Head Massage With Herbal Oil

Treat yourself to a head massage that involves rubbing herbal oil into your forehead region and temples. If you are going to have another person perform this massage on you, lay back in a reclining chair and rest the back of your head on a wedge pillow that is on a slight incline. If you are not experiencing excruciating pain and you feel up to it, ask the person who is performing the massage to play soft music or sounds that are reminiscent of nature, such as crashing waves or trickling water.

Close your eyes while receiving the massage and envision yourself in peaceful surroundings or a favorite spot that you have previously visited. If you are going to be performing a massage on yourself, pour a few drops of herbal oil onto your fingertips before gently rubbing the oil into your facial skin. Use varying amounts of pressure until you feel the tension in your head subside. See a professional, like Burgman Chiropractic Clinic PC, for more help.