3 Services Your Chiropractor May Offer To Help Relieve Your Pain

When you visit a chiropractor for pain, the doctor will perform a spinal adjustment. This involves cracking your back and neck in certain ways, and the purpose is to relieve pressure on your vertebra. This service can help with the pain you are having, but many chiropractors offer additional services to aid patients in finding relief for pain. Here are three services your chiropractor might offer in addition to spinal adjustments.

Massage therapy

Massage therapy is offered by trained therapists that know how to safely and effectively massage your muscles to assist with pain relief. Getting a massage is extremely relaxing, but it is also beneficial for all types of back pain.

A therapist can focus on the areas bothering you, and he or she will often be able to find these areas simply by feeling your back. If the therapist feels knots in your muscles, he or she will work on those to loosen them. Massage therapy can result in reducing pain and helping a person move easier.

TENS unit therapy

TENS stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, and this is a service used in many chiropractic clinics. This type of therapy is delivered through a TENS unit, which is a small device that transmits electronic impulses to your muscles. It is connected with electrodes, which are sticky attachments placed on your body.

The goal of using TENS therapy is to loosen stiff, swollen muscles. The electric impulses have the potential to do this; plus, TENS therapy can improve oxygen flow in the body. It can also help eliminate toxins trapped in tight muscles.

Stretching machines and exercises

Finally, many chiropractors encourage patients to stretch their bodies while they are at the office. If your chiropractor offers this, there will probably be various types of exercise machines you can use for this purpose. Someone in the clinic can show you how to use these, and you might need to do this each time you come for a visit.

When you stretch your muscles properly, they will work better, and this can help you avoid further injuries. Properly stretched muscles can lead to an improvement in your range of motion, and it may also lead to a decrease in your pain.

Each of these services can be extremely beneficial for you if you are experiencing pain in your back. Visiting a chiropractor offers a versatile way to relieve pain, and these services are all completely natural and safe. Talk with a chiropractor, such as those at Fish Creek Chiropractic, to discuss additional services and treatment.