Tips for Dealing With Back Pain

If you suffer from back pain then you should learn about the different ways that you can avoid making it worse and even ways that you can get relief. The information here will serve as a very helpful guide you can use to learn more about dealing with back pain.

Stretch when you wake up in the morning

While you may think that resting your back for 8 hours a night will help it to feel better the chances are that you will actually feel worse in the morning. This is especially true if you sleep on a mattress that isn't right for your back. You'll probably feel stiff and achy in the morning and stretches will help with this. Do some simple stretching while you are still lying in bed, before you even try to stand. Once you do stand up, reach above your head with your hands toward the ceiling and hold the pose for a few seconds. Then, put your hands in front of you and reach slowly to the left of you and then to the right.

Avoid bending and lifting

You should do your best to avoid doing certain things that can make your back feel worse. Often times a back will hurt more after you do a great deal of bending or after you lift and carry heavier items. For this reason, you should try to get help with things like emptying the dishwasher, emptying the drier and carrying in the groceries.

Use ice or heat on your back when it is bothering you

Some people find ice helps their back to feel better and others find that heat works better. You will need to try them both out and determine for yourself which one works the best for you. If it's heat, you can use a heating pad or even take a long soak in a hot tub. For cold, you can use ice packs. For both: you can put uncooked rice in a tube sock and sew it closed at the opening. It can be put in the freezer for cold relief and heated in the microwave on 30 seconds at a time for heat. The great thing about this sock is you can take it with you and use it in the car. It will fit nicely along the lower part of your back if that's where you hurt.

See a chiropractor

You should also make it a point to go in to see a chiropractor. They will be able to help you by properly aligning your spine, as well as stretching out any tight muscles. Chiropractors also have some tools of the trade that help them to manipulate your back to help with certain issues.

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