Four Statistics That Prove Chiropractic Care Helps

What do you think of chiropractic care? Even though many people have benefited greatly from this type of medical treatment, there are still those who think chiropractic care is ineffective, dangerous, or a scam.  This could not be further from the truth. Because numbers talk, here are four statistics to help change your mind about the usefulness and effectiveness of chiropractic care.

Of patients who underwent manual manipulation treatment for lower back pain, 94% saw a 30% reduction in pain.

And this occurred within just 4 weeks or treatment! The ideal that 94% of patients noticed a marked reduction in lower back pain is hard to ignore. This is a huge majority, and really underscores the idea that if you suffer from lower back pain and visit the chiropractor, you are very very likely to feel a lot better within a month's time.

All NFL teams use chiropractors.

Do you really think a professional sports team would let their members undergo a medical treatment that could hurt them and cause them to have to sit out the next game? If chiropractic care were dangerous, they would never condone it. Every single one of the 32 teams in the NFL use chiropractors because the players see the benefits.

Chiropractors earn an average of $58.740 per year.

The idea that chiropractors enter the profession to prey on people and take their money is a bit ridiculous when you consider how much the average chiropractor makes. This is a very average salary; in fact, it's pretty low considering that, like physicians, chiropractors have to study intensely for 4 years to earn their degrees.

The average physician earns a base pay of $189,000, and most earn a lot more on top of that if they work as a specialist. Chiropractors are definitely not in it for the money. Most enter the profession because they have a real desire to help people and promote health in a natural way. This should help convince you that your chiropractor has your best interests at heart.

Industry revenue increased from $12.5 billion in 2014 to $14 billion in 2016.

The industry is growing, and this is because more people are realizing how effective chiropractic care really can be. It's an all natural treatment, which makes it appealing to those who have had bad reactions to medication like pain relievers. It's also a painless option, which is why more people are choosing chiropractors over other treatments like surgery and cortisone injections for back pain.