Consider These Lengths Of Massage Appointments Based On These Criteria

When you call a massage therapist's clinic to schedule a massage, one of the questions that you'll have to consider is how long you want the massage to be. Many clinics offer various lengths of treatments, and while 60-minute sessions are common, you might also have a chance to book a treatment that lasts 30, 45, or even 90 minutes. There are advantages to each length of treatment, so it's a good idea to think about a number of factors related to the appointment and why you're booking it. Doing so will help you to book the right length of massage. Here are three common lengths and what they're best suited for.

30 Minutes

A 30-minute massage doesn't give your therapist an extensive amount of time to work on your body, which makes these shorter sessions ideal if you have a specific health complaint. For example, if you're seeking help through massage to alleviate headache pain, 30 minutes may be a perfect appointment length. During this duration, your therapist will have ample time to work on your head, neck, and even your jaw, but because he or she won't need to work elsewhere on your body, there's little chance that the therapist won't get to fully treat you by the time the 30 minutes are up.

60 Minutes

A 60-minute massage is conventional, and ideal for patients who wish to blend help with a specific health complaint and relaxation — however, a 60-minute session is also suitable if you're just looking to relax. With this duration, your practitioner can cover much of your body, albeit likely only spending a short amount of time in each area. The full-body approach is ideal for relaxation, and your therapist may start at one end of your body and work all the way to the other, giving you time on your front and your back, in order to knead each of your major muscle groups.

90 Minutes

If you're looking to visit a massage therapist for the first time, a 90-minute session can be perfect. Your first appointment will always include you filling out a detailed health history form and a discussion with your therapist about your goals for the session. With 30 or 60 minutes, you might be unsatisfied with how much these elements eat into your appointment. When you book 90 minutes, however, you won't have to rush through the form or the discussion, and you'll still have plenty of time to receive the treatment. Contact a therapist, such as Haring Marc DC, for more help.