Subluxations For Mother And Baby That Occur From A Breech Birth

Breech births are never easy. The baby's head, which is the largest part of the baby, is supposed to enter and exit the birth canal first in order to stretch the vagina open and allow for freer passage of the baby's body and limbs. In breech position, the baby is trying to come out feet first, which means that the baby's head is the last thing to exit, and the baby has to be pulled with a lot of force from the mother's vagina.

This process actually causes a lot of subluxations (vertebrae that have slipped out of place) in both the mother and baby. A breech baby chiropractor can help correct the misalignment and possible injuries of the birth after the fact. Here is what that looks like.

No X-rays for Baby

In all cases, x-rays are avoided with infants. Only when doctors suspect that something is really out of the ordinary, such as spina bifida, will they take an x-ray of the baby's back. Most babies that are pronounced healthy are not exposed to x-rays just because there is not enough evidence to show that infants will not be harmed by an x-ray. Ergo, your baby's chiropractor will not perform an x-ray on your baby, but rather feel around your baby's back to see if anything seems to be out of place.

X-rays for You

As an adult minus a growing child within, you can once again have x-rays performed on you. Your lumbar vertebrae all the way down to your coccyx, or tail bone, will be x-rayed. These are the vertebrae most affected by pregnancy and damaged during a breech birth. Then your chiropractor can determine what type of treatment plan you need.

Joint Appointments

You and your infant will always be treated in back-to-back treatments. This helps you feel better in the knowledge that your baby is being cared for and you are present to help. The baby might cry as the procedure is strange and new to him/her, but then you can pick up your baby and comfort him/her when it is done. Your adjustments are almost always done before your baby's so that you can pick your baby up and comfort him/her after his/her adjustments.

Very Gentle Touch for Baby, Harder Push/Pull for You

Clearly, a chiropractor does not apply the same pressure to a baby's back as a chiropractor would for you. The adjustments performed on your baby's back are never more than the pressure you could apply with two fingers. The chiropractor does not put any of his/her weight on the baby either. It is completely safe.