Things That May Help Your Low Back Pain And Keep It From Coming Back

A number of things cause low back pain. Your back may hurt after an injury such as a bad fall or the pain might be caused by weak muscles, poor posture, or bad body mechanics. Whatever the cause, a stiff and painful lower back makes it difficult to sleep, work, or engage in social activities. Treatment could involve a combination of approaches with chiropractic treatments being an important part of recovery. Here are some suggestions for dealing with low back pain.

Do Exercises Regularly

Exercise could be an important part of back pain recovery and prevention of further injury. The key is to learn the right moves from a chiropractor or physical therapist so you don't strain your back further. Stretches done daily may help reduce stiffness and improve circulation that assists healing. Strengthening exercises might also be important if weak back muscles contribute to your problem.

Have Chiropractic Adjustments

A chiropractor might treat your low back pain with quick thrusts that adjust your spine or you might receive more gentle manipulations that stretch and reposition your lower back. Before treatment begins, your chiropractor does a complete examination to determine the cause of your low back pain so the right type of treatment can be given to encourage healing and reduce pain. You'll probably need chiropractic adjustments a few times a week for a few weeks before you'll know for sure if the treatments are working.

Take Treatments For Pain Relief

If your back pain came on suddenly after an injury, the pain might be more severe than if your condition developed slowly due to the way you sit or lift items at work. A chiropractor can offer treatments that help reduce pain. This might involve using ice to reduce swelling followed by heat that speeds up blood circulation. Ultrasound treatments, massage, electric stimulation, or hydrotherapy might be given for pain relief.

Learn How To Protect Your Back

If your back pain is a result of poor posture or poor body mechanics when you lift heavy objects at work or sit at a computer desk all day, your chiropractor may educate you on how to protect your back. By learning how to lift with your legs, sit with your back straight, and keep strain off of your back, you may be able to avoid a recurrence of back pain in the future.

Whether your back pain is sudden after an auto accident or a chronic situation that has bothered you for years, a chiropractor might be able to help reduce the pain and assist with healing of your lower back. It may take time for your back to heal, but with the proper treatment and avoidance of activities that cause back strain, you could be on your way to a pain-free lower back.